Doctors' Collection Service Inc. (DCS) is a regional collection agency founded in Alaska March of 1960. In 1964 DCS was purchased and has been an Alaskan family owned and managed business. While we specialize in medical accounts our collection work extends to a variety of other fields. DCS represents both local and national credit grantors in retail, commercial, professional and medical fields. We especially pride ourselves on developing our expertise, and specializing in the Alaskan medical field collection process.

We believe that quality account recover is achievable and beneficial to us. We feel that in general, people accept responsibility towards their financial obligations and our goal for quality service is to present this responsibility to them in a palatable fashion using tried and tested collection techniques that we have created.

As medical patients have already undergone tremendous physical and mental trauma, DCS attempts to not cause any further mental traumatization with a caring, understanding approach to liquidating an account.